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Global Talent Visa Program Australia – Apply for the Global Talent Visa Australia


The Global Talent Visa Program (GTVP) is a streamlined visa pathway for highly skilled professionals wishing to live and work permanently in Australia run by the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs. The program supports Australia’s need for highly skilled professionals across specific targeted sectors.

This program aims to attract the best global talent to work in ten future-focused sectors. The Global Talent Visa Program is designed to support Australia’s economy by introducing innovative skills to high-priority industries. This will create opportunities for Australians by transferring skills, promoting innovation and job creation.

GTVP applicants need to be nominated by an individual or Australian organization with a national reputation in the same field as the nominee. As Australia’s peak body for engineers, Engineers Australia is eligible to assess and nominate applicants for the GTVP.

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The Global Talent Visa Program Australia Eligibility

To be invited to apply for a visa under the Global Talent Visa Program, a candidate must be:

  • Highly skilled in one of the Minister’s defined sectors (or in a related sector), and
  • Currently earning, or likely to earn at or above the Fair Work high-income threshold

should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to have their visa applications processed ahead of others

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What benefits of The Global Talent Visa

The Global Talent Visa is a Permanent Visa that allows you to:

  1. Stay in Australia indefinitely
  2. Work and study in Australia
  3. Apply for Medicare (Australia’s healthcare scheme)
  4. Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence;
  5. Travel to and from Australia on an ongoing basis (can apply for a Resident Return Visa)
  6. Apply for Australian Citizenship
  7. Access certain Australian government benefits (with waiting times)
  8. Buy property in Australia
  9. Enjoy free schooling for your children

Global Talent Visa Pathways

The Global Talent Visa 858 has two pathways available:

  1. The Streamlined Global Talent Visa Program Pathway. This visa pathway is for applicants who have skills in identified priority sectors and have submitted an expression of interest (EOI).
  2. The Distinguished Talent Pathway. This pathway is for applicants in other sectors.

If you are applying for the streamlined pathway program, make sure you have your EOI otherwise you cannot submit a valid visa application.

How to Apply for Global Talent Visa Program Nomination

To apply for nomination by Engineers Australia you must be internationally recognised at a high standard and show an exceptional track record of professional achievement. These achievements may include senior roles, patents, professional awards, or international publications and memberships. Places are also available to PhD graduates who meet the eligibility criteria.

We’ll need to assess your application against the requirements set out on the Department of Home Affairs website before we can nominate you.

Follow these four steps to submit your GTVP nomination assessment:

  • Review the eligibility requirements to be nominated for GTVP on the Department of Home Affairs website to ensure you’re eligible to apply.
  • If you’re eligible and want to proceed, prepare the application materials detailed below and have them ready to upload.
  • You’ll need an Engineers Australia login ID to put on the application form. If you don’t have a login, you’ll need to create one in the portal.
  • Complete and submit the application form including all required materials. You’ll also need to have your credit card on hand to pay the fee.

Application materials

  • Upload colour-scanned copies of the following with your application:
  • Passport-style photo that’s no more than six months old.
  • Copy of the bio-data/photo pages from your current passport.
  • Degree certificate (testamur) and academic transcript.

If any of your documents aren’t in English, you’ll need to provide a translated copy from an authorized translator. Ensure their registered ID, name, status, and contact details are included.

If your name is different from that on your documentation, include a change of name document such as a marriage certificate.

Current CV or resume which shows your career history until the application date.

Assessment fee

The fee for GTVP nomination assessment is $835 excluding GST for overseas applicants and $918.50 including GST for applicants in Australia.

You’ll need to pay the fee when you submit your online application. If your GTVP nomination is unsuccessful, the fee is not refundable. If you have any further questions about the Global Talent Visa Program, please contact us.

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