My WAEC Results is Held What Should I Do

My WAEC Results is Held What Should I Do? – WAEC Result Withheld Meaning


My WAEC Result is Held What Should I Do? What is the difference between WAEC results is Held and withheld? this page will outline the possibilities of your result being released after it is held, withheld, or other terms used by the board.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) uses certain terms in the course of checking the results. These terms can be both confusing and alarming for candidates. But what do these terms actually mean, and what is the likelihood of having the results released? Let’s dive into the details

WAEC Results Terms & Possibilities

  1. Withheld WAEC Result: Slim release chance. Investigated for malpractice at specific centres.
  2. Held WAEC Result: Slim release chance. Results were held due to malpractice suspicions.
  3. Outstanding WAEC Result: Medium release chance. Marks on subjects pending or extra sheet issues.
  4. No Result For Specified Year: Slim release chance. Common for special centre registrations.
  5. Reason for Withheld Suspected malpractice when a centre has uniform grades.
  6. Reason for Held Malpractice suspicions due to written remarks on answer booklets.
  7. Reason for Outstanding Marks on subjects are pending or issues with extra answer sheets.
  8. Recommendation If innocent of offences and facing these tags, results may be released.

Difference Between My WAEC Results is Held and Withheld and what to do

  • Withheld WAEC Result

A withheld result occurs when almost all candidates at a particular centre receive the same grade. WAEC sees this as suspicious and will investigate further.

Possibility of Release: Slim

If the investigation reveals that the candidates engaged in malpractice, the results will be seized. If not, the results will be released.

Held WAEC Result

A held result is quite similar to a withheld one. It mostly occurs when a written remark related to malpractice or other examination offenses is made on a candidate’s answer booklet.

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Possibility of Release: Slim

The prospect for release is slim, and it follows a process similar to that of a withheld result.

Outstanding in WAEC Result

An “outstanding” result refers to a situation where a student’s mark on specific subjects is not yet concluded. This can be caused by issues such as an extra answer sheet not being properly attached or other factors.

Possibility of Release: Medium

These results often get released after resolving the issues related to the marks.

No Result For This Candidate in the Specified Year’ in WAEC Result

This term is usually shown to candidates who registered with special centres.

Possibility of Release: Slim

The chances for release are quite minimal in this case.

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