Christmas Drawings Step By Step: How To Draw Christmas Images

Christmas Drawings Step By Step: How To Draw Christmas Images


Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, brings with it a magical aura that transcends age and culture. Beyond the carols, the decorations, and the gifts, there’s a unique and timeless tradition that captures the essence of the season – Christmas drawings.

These playful creations have the power to transport us back to the innocence of childhood and ignite the spirit of joy and wonder.

Christmas drawings, whether they are doodles on a child’s notebook or intricate masterpieces created by skilled artists, hold a special place in the heart of the holiday season. These drawings come in various forms, from simple sketches of Santa Claus and snowmen to elaborate scenes of nativity and winter wonderlands.

For children, the act of drawing Christmas scenes is a cherished tradition. The joy of carefully sketching a snow-covered village or coloring in Santa’s vibrant red suit allows them to actively participate in the festive preparations. These drawings often become treasured keepsakes, capturing a moment in time that reflects the magic of their growing years.

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Christmas Drawings Step By Step

Drawing Christmas images can be a delightful and festive activity, and it’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, here are step-by-step instructions for drawing three classic Christmas images;

  1. A Christmas tree
  2. A snowman
  3. A Santa Claus face

Lets get right into it;

  • Christmas Tree
  1. Start by drawing an upside-down triangle. This will be the basic shape of your Christmas tree.
  2. Draw branches extending from the main triangle. Make the branches wider as you move downward.
  3. Add circles or other shapes as ornaments on the branches. You can also drawstrings of lights or tinsel.
  4. Add a rectangle at the bottom of the triangle to create the trunk of the tree.
  5. Feel free to add a star or an angel at the top of the tree. You can also draw presents under the tree.
Christmas Drawings Step By Step: How To Draw Christmas Images
  • Snowman
  1. Start by drawing three circles on top of each other. These will be the snowman’s body.
  2. Draw eyes, a carrot nose, and a smiling mouth. Give your snowman a hat and a scarf for added personality.
  3. Extend two lines from the middle circle to represent the snowman’s arms. Add twig-like fingers at the ends.
  4. Give your snowman a hat, a scarf, and maybe even some buttons on its body. Don’t forget to add falling snowflakes around.
Christmas Drawings Step By Step: How To Draw Christmas Images
  • Santa Claus Face
  1. Start with a circle. This will be Santa’s face.
  2. Draw eyes, a round nose, and a smiling mouth. Add rosy cheeks for a festive touch.
  3. Add a triangle shape above Santa’s head for his hat. You can add a fluffy white brim and a pom-pom at the end.
  4. Give Santa Claus a white beard and mustache. You can also add glasses or any other details you like.
  5. Once you’ve finished the basic drawing, you can add color to bring your Christmas images to life. Use red and green for the Christmas tree, various colors for the ornaments, white for the snowman, and traditional colors like red and white for Santa Claus.
Christmas Drawings Step By Step: How To Draw Christmas Images

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your creativity shine. Feel free to customize these Christmas drawings and add your own unique touches to make them truly special. Happy drawing, and Merry Christmas.

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