[MUSIC] SmallShow – Nok Waar

May 19th, 2022

Nok waar

SmallShow – Nok Waar

Nok Waar (Stop Drinking) is a debut single by Nandom Gumbi who preferred to be known as Small-Show on stage.

The central message of his beautifully laced words in Mwaghavul dialect is cautioning the young people about the negative impacts of drinking alcohol.

According to him, young girls have been Let astray as a result of drugs and alcohol.

Nok Waar was produced by Mix-Slayer, a fast rising music producer from Mangu-Jos.

Both of them are products of Born2shine Foundation. They deserve to shine.





  1. I really love this song,
    You are a talented singer brother
    The one who is born with a golden spoon,you are born to shine bro.

  2. I am very happy to hear someone like him is trying to promote his dialect is good for our mother tongue is our room

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